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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Cafe Cultura-April 14th

The second friday of the month is upon us so it's time for another visit to Cafe Cultura. Cafe Cultura was recently voted "best open mic" by Westword magazine. The initial Cafe Cultura was presented immediately after the 2004 four directions march and promoted as one of the transform columbus day events(in fact, many of the spoken word pieces from the first cafe cultura were performed the next day in a different setting- the Denver City Jail- where we were all relaxing after blocking the Convoy of Conquest aka Columbus Day parade). Since then, Cafe Cultura has continued to grow and create a space in the cultural landscape of the area. Check out their website at Cafe Cultura
Cafe Cultura
Open Mic Night, Hip Hop, Spoken Word, Poetry
Red & Brown Unity


WHEN: 2nd Fri. of every month @ 7:30 pm (April 14th, May 12th)

WHERE: Denver Inner City Parish-9th Ave & Galapago St. (2 blks east of Santa Fe on the NE corner)

WHAT: All ages Open Mic Night

April: Santiago
May: Debajo del Agua

Come express yourself creatively or just chill with your people

Everyone is welcome!

For more info: cafe_cultura@yahoo.com; 720-436-1830



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