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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Liquor license for bar at Bear Butte approved

Several hundred people gathered at the liquor licencse hearing and voiced their opposition to the license approval. The license was approved.

Native Americans Protest Bar Plans
It's a sacred spot to Native Americans, but Bear Butte will soon be home to a bar. An Arizona man wants to build an entertainment complex near the base of the hill, just north of Sturgis. Jay Allen asked Meade County commissioners for a liquor license and today, all five unanimously approved it. But that didn't stop hundreds who oppose the bar from protesting the decision.

Native Americans chanted and carried signs to show their dismay for their sacred land being turned into a spot to sell and drink alcohol.

Protestor Nita Bald Eagle said, "It makes me angry because a lot of people go up there to pray and they go there to be closer to their spirituality."

They took their message to the Meade County Courthouse over the planned "Sturgis County Line Bar." Inside, county commissioners listened to both sides concerning Allen's proposed bar. complete article

Please visit the following sites Owe Aku, Bear Butte International Alliance, Defend Bear Butte


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