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Monday, April 03, 2006

Charmaine White Face-Bear Butte is sacred

From the Rapid City Journal
Forum, 4-1: No development near Bear Butte

By Charmaine White Face, coordinator for Defenders of the Black Hills.

Open letter to the Meade County Commission:

This letter is to reaffirm our position of no development of any kind within a five-mile radius of Bear Butte, a position we have held for a number of years. Our reasons for this position are:

1. Bear Butte is a sacred place to more than 60 Native American nations of the North American continent who have continually visited this shrine for religious/spiritual purposes for tens of thousands of years, and respect should be given to all peoples' places of worship in order to meet the foundations of the Freedom of Religion.

2. Bear Butte is a National Historic Landmark whose impact for its historical significance and unique geological structure in this region is being eroded with the incursion of urban development. complete letter

For more information, please visite Owe Aku


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