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Friday, April 07, 2006

Gathering of Native Nations at Bear Butte

Please visit Bear Butte International Alliance to view photos from the April 04, rally in Sturgis.

Butte fight marches on
By Dan Daly, Journal Staff Writer
Meade County probably has not seen the last of the controversy about the Sturgis County Line campground and Bear Butte.

On Tuesday, the Meade County Commission approved a malt-beverage license for the new Broken Spoke Saloon and Sturgis County Line campground, a planned Sturgis motorcycle rally week venue on S.D. Highway 79 north of Bear Butte.

Commissioners approved the license unanimously despite strong opposition from American Indians, for many of whom Bear Butte is sacred, and others. Hundreds of people marched through the streets of Sturgis Tuesday to demonstrate their opposition. Hundreds more wrote letters.

The bar — a 100-by-150-foot building — and campground would be about 2-1/2 miles north of Bear Butte. Dirt work has begun, and Broken Spoke owner Jay Allen plans to be operating by the 2006 rally in August. Later plans include a concert venue closer to the mountain. Allen has insisted that his venue won’t disturb the peace at Bear Butte.

Opponents, however, decried the idea of a bar so near to the butte. They say loud music, loud motorcycles, alcohol and rowdiness is already encroaching. The new venue will be deeply disturbing and disrespectful to Indians who pray and fast at Mato Paha, the Lakota name for Bear Butte. complete article


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