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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

"We are tied to the earth like a mother to a child"-Ongwehonwe Women's Manifesto"

This manifesto was written by those from the Six Nations who are currently asserting jurisdiction of their territories. The entire manifesto, as well as the history of the action, can be read at the Gathering Place

Ongwehonwe Women's Manifesto
We have been accused of inciting a war, and yet who are the one's with the guns, threatening to come in and remove our women and children. To arrest and make criminals out of us. Who are the one's who have helicopters flying overhead, and an abundance of police presence in and around the area. Who are the one's that continue to have talks and negotiations with everyone BUT the people involved. Who are the one's who publicly make statements such as "Can we shoot the Indian's now", or tear Status Cards in half with the remark "There's nothing that you can do about it", or ask patrons of the biggest fast food chain across Canada & the United States "don't you people have someplace in your own community to eat". It is ignorance and fear that promotes such cowardly actions and yet we continue to uphold the Peace.

We have been accused of disrupting our neighbors in the Caledonia business area, yet I see no suffering or loss. We maintain a peaceful vigil on our lands, and other than going to buy supplies we don't bother anyone. We have, if anything, helped their businesses to grow, by the many supporters who stop to buy coffee and groceries in their town in support of the people

We have been accused of spreading propaganda because we write from a different perspective than mainstream media, and yet what has the government done throughout history when there is unrest with Onkwehonweh people. They use the media to incite division, to label us as militants; they criminalize us because we stand up for the Truth, and they murder us or throw us in jail in a semblance of justice based on unilateral laws of deception.

It's been said that the whole town of Caledonia is at unrest for what we are doing, yet there are many, many people from the town who come to support, to take the time to listen and to try to gain an understanding from the people. They do not understand that the government continues with it's deception by having lawyers who say, "We have the 1841 Surrender", and that the dynamics of our council could not legally allow such a transaction to take place. Because it was only the "Indians", the government used dishonest practices such as this to steal anything and everything they've ever gotten. It would be like our people, getting 14 or so people from Caledonia, to sell us their town, and then rejoicing at having made such a wonderful land transaction. Would it be legal? Of course not, and neither are the so-called surrenders that the crown set out to build their empire upon.

If you could see it through the eyes of our people, who know that it is not for the Chiefs to make any decision's without consensus from the people, and as far as lands, that job was given to the women because we are tied to the earth like a mother to a child, through the umbilical cord, and we never lose that connection no matter how old we get.

The Creator gave each of us a mind and a heart, and a spirit within that he placed those laws. You need only to allow that spirit to guide you and speak the truth. Then there is no question as to what is right and wrong, for we have only the TRUTH. When we adhere to the principles of Peace, then we have honored the Creator and are doing our duty.Entire Manifesto


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