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Sunday, April 09, 2006

First Nations set up roadblock

From the Guelph Mercury website

First Nations throws up Hwy. 7 roadblock

Land claim could also disrupt plan to build new bridge over Grand River


GUELPH (Apr 8, 2006)

Plans for a new Highway 7 to Guelph have been stalled by a First Nations claim to the Grand River, and that's not the only potential impact.

The same land claim could disrupt a proposed regional bridge, linking Fairway Road in Kitchener to Kossuth Road in Cambridge by 2009.

"We claim ownership of the river banks and beds," said Jo-Ann Greene, director of lands and resources for Six Nations of the Grand River.

"We need meaningful consultation. We have legitimate, long-standing, outstanding claims."

The Six Nations claim to the Grand River, and a huge swath of land on either side, is not new. The Brantford-based First Nation is trying to negotiate a compensation settlement with the federal and provincial governments. complete article


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