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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Letter to editor-not published-from LJ

The letter below was sent to the Denver Post, RMN, and
the Boulder Weekly.


The absolutely abysmal white male hysteria spewing
forth from the editorial pages of Denver's papers
lately leaves one to conclude that the dismissal of
the 239 anti-Columbus Day defenders' cases must have
seriously hit these sideline commentators in their
racist pride.

Their hypocritical position on the Columbus Day parade
is comparable to a group of white-robed priests
writing in the editorial pages about their First
Amendment right to continue viewing child pornography,
while the victims of their sexual predations take to
the streets to protest outside their archdioceses as
witnesses to these priests' heinous crimes.

Nice imperialist try guys, but the people who are the
victims of genocide and racist hate speech are the
ones who get to make the decisions about what behavior
is harmful to them and when and how the predators who
wield extraordinary power over their lands and lives
will be confronted . When the victims are satisfied
that justice has been done, then and only then will
there be peace in this community.

Lauranna Johnson
Denver, Colorado


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