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Friday, January 28, 2005

KHOW show to be in Boulder at 3pm today

The Silverman and Kaplis show will be broadcast live from Boulder today, starting at 3p.m. The purpose of their show, as they stated, is to get Ward Churchill fired from his position as a professor at the university. They will be broadcasting from the Alfred Packer Grill, which is located on the first floor of the University Memorial Center, on the University of Colorado Boulder Campus. This is a call in show and the number is 303-713-8255.

These are the 2 talk show jocks who claimed that no one in the Columbus Day had a right to be angry with the Columbus Day Protests because it wasn't offensive(in their eyes). They also said that the celebration of a man who committed genocide against Indigenous Peoples and enslaved African Peoples was not inciteful. They argued that this sort of celebration was protected as "free speech" and dismissed the TCD requests to have the city take a position condeming the Convoy of Conquest.

Another argument they ridiculed was the one put forth by TCD that taxpayer money was being wasted by the city's annual santioning of the Convoy. Now, they are arguing that their tax dollars shouldn't be spent to continue Ward Churchill's employment at the University.

Feel free to call or attend their show and point out any contradictions you may have noticed.


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