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Friday, January 28, 2005

Brace Yourselves

First, this call goes out to all AIM members and our allies in the Denver area. At 3 pm today, Friday, January 28th, the Kaplis and Silverman radio show (KHOW in Denver) will be attacking one of our Colorado AIM members, Ward Churchill. We must not stand by while this happens. Anyone who can get to Boulder should show up at the Alferd Packer grill in the University Memorial Center at the CU Boulder campus to confront this attack on us.

One question to ask Silverman and Kaplis is: where did the current story about Ward's 9-11 essay originate? Is it merely a coincidence that local white media commentators (including Kaplis and Silverman) were condemning our acquittals in the Columbus Day trials when suddenly an "exposé" about a three year-old essay rises to the surface? Did this hapen by chance? I don't think so. It is part of a pattern in the local media that when AIM is successful politically or legally -- as in the recent dismissal or acquittal of 243 Columbus resister's cases--then they begin their personal attacks on specific AIM members, and our allies. People should brace themselves for expanded attacks on all of the defenders who were acquitted, and we should all be prepared to respond with strength, resolve and integrity.

All of these attacks by privilged, white columnists (Bob Ewegen - Denver Post, Vince Carroll - Rocky Mountain News, Mike Rosen - Rocky Mountain News, Ed Quillen - Denver Post, David Harsanyi - Denver Post) reflect their fear that our successes spell the demise of their power. Well, they are correct -- their days of unfettered celebration of anti-Indian icons, who have carried out the destruction of our people, are over. Our efforts have shaken powerful people from their seats of comfort. We must keep it up, and we must remember why we are doing this -- for the ideological and physical liberation of our homeland. Resist ever, surrender never.


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