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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Death threats bring silence-College Republicans to storm Wards class today

From today's Denver Post
N.Y. college cancels Churchill's appearance amid death threat

By The Associated Press

Clinton, N.Y. - Citing death threats, an upstate New York college today canceled a panel discussion featuring University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill, who compared the World Trade Center victims to Nazis in an essay.

Hamilton College spokesman Michael DeBraggio said multiple death threats were made against both college officials and guest speaker Churchill, who resigned Monday as chairman of Colorado's ethnic studies department.Full article

Death threats were the deciding factor it seems. So, all of the self-proclaimed "free speech champions" were denouncing our opposition to the Columbus Day Convoy of Conquest, then they did an about face and decided Ward Churchill didn't have a right to say what he wanted. Hamilton wouldn't cancel his talk so they resorted to making death threats.

Meanwhile, back at Boulder. The College Republicans are supposed to storm Churchill's afternoon class. We'll let you know if anything of interest comes of that.


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