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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Flagstaff cops harassing Native Youth organizers

we'll be posting more information as we receive it.
Statement from Youth of the Peaks

Today we are going to gather at 2:15 and have a press conference at 2:30 on the corner of Cedar and West St. across from the Conoco in the Safeway parking lot, in front of the Coconino
High School fence. We are going to DEMAND an apology from the
Flagstaff Police Department for intimidating our youth and using
scare tactics to stop a movement.

"We will move forward with our faith, our spirit, and our love, not with fear." said Alberta Nells declaring that
this will not stop their efforts to protect the San Francisco Peaks.

Yesterday members of Flagstaff Police Department's gang task force
came into Coconino High School and tore down Youth of the Peaks
flyers without initial permission from the school saying it was
"evidence". This seemed to be in direct response to the Youth of
the Peaks vigil that brought our nearly 200 youth the night before,where they filmed our families and us.

They asked Youth of the Peaksquestions concerning their activities, leadership, and their cause bring three young indigenous women into the administration's office without a parental gaurdian or lawyer present.

The Youth of the Peaks felt intimidated and scared, but we still
met that day and furthered our resolve and commitment to our
community and cause. However, the intimidation worked for the
administration at Coconino High School, they subsequently cancelled the film screening that they originally permitted.

This is completely despicable for officers of the law to attempt to prevent civic engagement and political activity using intimidation and scare tactics against mostly young women. It
is completely inappropriate and anti-democratic for this to
happen in our community.

Question is, what are the Youth of the Peaks guilty of?

For defending culture, the sacred, our land, the beautiful things,
and our community... guilty

For building a community and family who are committed to social
change and creating a world where many worlds can fit... guilty

For getting youth involved with the movement as opposed to gangs,
drugs, and violence.... guilty.

For believing that the San Francisco Peaks should be protected as
opposed to exploited, kept in reverance instead of treated as a
sewage fecility, to be cherished and protected instead of

For taking a stand, for finding our voice, for being guided by our
elders, for being a little bit different....



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