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Monday, November 21, 2005

Denver Post interview with Leslie Andrews

Sunday's Style section of the Denver Post carried an interview with CO AIM member, Leslie Andrews.

For some Indians, not a day of joy

Q: Was what you learned in school about Thanksgiving different from what you learned from your family?

A: Entirely different. In school I learned what I consider the myth of Thanksgiving - the Pilgrims and Indians getting together to have happy times and give thanks.

But I learned from reading history books, and just being around other Indian people, that when they actually sat down for the meal and spoke together, it was a negotiation about land. It wasn't the happiest thing. It was kind of tense.

Also, the first proclamation of the day of Thanksgiving was given by Major John Winthrop after the massacre of 700 Pequot Indians, who were basically surrounded in their village and attacked, lit on fire. Everyone who escaped were shot or caught as slaves. full interview


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