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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

San Franciso Peaks trial concluded

This from save the peaks.

On November 15th Judge Paul Rosenblatt recessed the trial initiated by the lawsuit brought forth by tribes & environmental groups to protect the environmental and cultural integrity of the San Francisco Peaks from Arizona Snowbowl's plan for expansion & snowmaking with wastewater. There is currently no word on when a ruling will be made.

The Arizona Snowbowl Ski resort, located on the San Francisco Peaks in Northern AZ, is attemping to expand its development, clear-cut 74 acres of wilderness, make artificial snow from contaminated wastewater and more. The Peaks are sacred to over 13 Native American Nations and home to threatened species. A coalition of tribes and environmental groups have filed a lawsuit against the Coconino Forest Service to stop this proposed development. Full update

We will post new information as we receive it.


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