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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

"Not in our honor" protest

Here are two articles, along with a video clip, of the "Not in our Honor" protest this past Sunday.

American Indian Protest at Chief's Game


Teams nicknames draw group of protesters at arrowhead


The Kansas City Star

Denny Gayton and Ryan Red Corn left the other American Indian protesters outside Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday to talk to fans.

Some fans waved “tomahawk chops” or let out war whoops, taunting the rally against Indian imagery in mascots.

But most silently regarded the protesters who came to mark the meeting of the Chiefs and Washington, the team whose name they find most offensive.

Walking among the Chiefs fans, Gayton, a 25-year-old Lakota, and Red Corn, a 26-year-old Osage, found people like Sean Jersett, 30, of Lee’s Summit and Rob Baskett, 26, of Kansas City. full article


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