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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Convoy organizer admits it's not about Italian Pride

The Rocky Mountain News and Denver Post both ran articles about Mayor John Hickenlooper's letter to Glenn Morris and George Vendegnia. Here are the links to both articles.

Rocky Mountain News
Denver Post

We will comment on this a little later but first wanted to point out something that we've said all along. CO AIM has always maintained the parade is not about Italian Pride because the organizers have told us as much. We've tried to make the point that we are opposed to the celebration of Columbus (not Italian Pride) and that of the parade is held specifically for that purpose. In the coming days Columbus Day apologists will use their platforms in the print, radio and television mediums to declare that the parade is about Italian Pride and has nothing to do with Columbus. In fact, Vince Carroll was on Peter Boyles radio program making that claim this morning(it was a real whinefest by Vendegnia, Boyles and Carroll.) Apparently, Vince Carroll doesn't read his own newspaper which is understandable.

This is Convoy organizer, George Vendegnia, in today's edition of the Rocky Mountain News.

George Vendegnia, who obtained the Oct. 8 parade permit on behalf of the Columbus Day Parade Committee, was not pleased with Hickenlooper's message, which he termed "b---s---" and "a joke."

Vendegnia insisted the parade is not intended as an Italian heritage celebration; it's meant to honor the man who, as he was taught in school, discovered this country.


At 10:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't understand why all the American Indians oppose Columbus Day at all. Yeah he did unjust things, but he wasn't the most rational person to ever live. There's other people who are just as celebrated who did unjust things also.
Why doesn't AIM focus on more important issues? Like the US/CO government? Or trying to get your people their land back? It seems like you're attacking the last step in the ladder instead of the first.


At 1:29 PM, Blogger J.Sandoval said...

Why it is that Italian Americans insist that Columbus is the best possible representation for their culture? If any thing Christopher Columbus was not as bright as he is made out to be. The man thought he was in India! Every explorer during the age of discovery was Italian, and if Italy would have been a country in the 1700's we would all speak Italian now. So pick some one better, like Amerigo Vespucci. He was really the first Italian here and the continent is name after him. Amerigo...America, duh! Get over what you learned in 1ST grade, because it was wrong.


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