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Thursday, April 14, 2005


Rodolfo Corky Gonzales 1928 - 2005
Memorial Marcha and Celebration
Sunday April 17th 2005

March at 11:00 am from Escuela Tlatelolco
Celebration at 1:00 pm Mestizo Park

The march will step off from Escuela Tlatelolco (29th and Federal, Denver) at 11:00am. The route will go east on 29th Avenue to 15th Street to Wazee Street north to 17th Street east and then to Lawrence Street north to Mestizo/Curtis Park (32nd and Champa). Please bring water for yourself and dress appropriately for the weather and for a march.

Bring photos, banners and flags from the movement and share old stories.

The celebration will start at 1:00pm at Mestizo/Curtis Park. If you would like to help in any way you may bring a dish to share with others after the ceremony.

For more information: (303) 964-8993



At 11:14 PM, Anonymous joseba felix tobar-arbulu said...

Annie Mae is reportedly tied up in a chair while a dozen or more people are in and out of the house including allegedly, Corky Gonzales and Ernesto Vigil from the Crusade for Justice, who allegedly threatened to kill her, Angie Begay, Annie Begay, Frank Dillon, George and Angie Phelfey, Arlene Means, Sioux Casper-Black, Norma Williams, Velma Williams (Theda's sisters) and others. (See http://jfamr.org/trialtime.html)

At 3:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

good night companero

it was the year of despair
but it was
the year of hope
of dreams
of action
and you were there
at the forefront
a leader
fearless before the powerful
you marched
side by side the multitudes
you loved
and fought for
fiery words streamed form your soul
proclaiming truth and justice
for all
taking charge of the day
in a rainy afternoon in washington d.c.
in the year of a tlatelolco summer of sixty-eight
i witnessed and give testament to your boundless love
and courage
and to your great heart
when we sang
we shall over come
let freedom ring
with abernathey
de colores y
yo soy chicano
viva la revolucion
and with tijerina
tierra o muerte
we sang together

you will not shed tears of anguish
nor suffer blows of vicious gloves
of hunger
nor mutilated sorrow
my friend
tonight companero corky
you merely withdraw
to the safety within
the circle of life--
your own people

you are the masses
of your people
who will not be absorbed
and aztec prince
with faith unbreakable
you are joaquin
who must endure
who will endure!

i will carry forever in my memory
and heart
the kindness
you showed me in that crowded meeting room
that night in d.c. of sixty-eight
when you embraced and took me in
a young drunken twenty year old
whom you treated with dignity and respect
as you listened to my complaints

because it is the only way i know
and the only way i'm capable to say
i cry...

At 9:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Max Macias

At 9:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Max Macias

At 9:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who the fuck is Joseba Felix Tobar-Arbulu and what is her stake in the Aquash death? Don't be a parrot and repeat every bullshit rumor or story you hear or you may be caught up in something that you can't handle. If you know something from personal experience, bring it out. If not, SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH.

At 10:55 AM, Anonymous nonAnon said...

To all fascists who may wish to shut my previously habitable world into confinement or submission...i quote bible.org,
Isaiah 45:18
For this is what the Lord says,

the one who created the sky—

he is the true God,50

the one who formed the earth and made it;

he established it

he did not create it without order,51

he formed it to be inhabited—

51 Or “unformed.” Gen 1:2 describes the world as “unformed” prior to God’s creative work, but God then formed the world and made it fit for habitation.,

At 1:31 PM, Anonymous honoraryAssociateSS said...

Criminal Case No. 40/61. The Attorney General versus Adolf Eichmann
Eichmann is not some inhuman devil, but the person we all see in our mirrors. The question of morality that this raises is what Harry Mulisch tries to answer with imagination and sensitivity in De zaak 40/61, a 1961 Mulisch Jerusalem report on the Eichmann trial for a Dutch weekly.
Eichmann simply carried out orders, regardless of the moral consequences; he was an anonymous technocrat, the precise opposite of grandeur: pettiness. Eichmann as the smallest of men–with that portrayal we come closest to his likeness. And the reason why he could be so small was that technology was so great: just think of the railways, the administration, the gas chambers, the crematoria.”

At 8:27 AM, Anonymous joseba felix tobar-arbulu said...

joseba felix tobar-arbulu is not a coward who hide himself under any anonymous mask. He has just finished a book, 405 pages, in Basque, about Annie Mae Pictou Aquash. The book will soon be published in the Basque Country, and then in Spanish and maybe in English.

In this book he handles, just as a sporadic note, with Rodolfo Corky Gonzales when he, with some other people, interrogated in Denver, Colorado a real heroine of the American Indian Movement.

So called Corky Gonzales, with the help of some other cowards, “found out” that this heroine was an informant. This is what he says about this kind of cowards.
In the Spirit of Annie Mae.

At 9:31 AM, Blogger Robert Robideau said...


Ernesto Vigil´s story is that he and Corky went to Troy Lynn Yellow Wood´s home. When thy went into the house Corky remained upstairs where he was given the A and B FBI Affidavit. While Ernesto went down stairs where he found Anna Mae setting on a bed behind a curtain with George Pelfer; and there was another person sitting next to Anna Mae. He said that Anna Mae had a nervous smile on her face There was a lot of tension in the room. Anna Mae was not tied up while he was there in the basement with them, but it is clear that she was being held prisoner. Corky came down with Angie Begay Janis and Troy Lynn Yellow Wood

Ernesto said that he went back the next day to gave Theda money for their trip to Rapid City, South Dakota, he watched the three leave with Anna Mae, but claims that he did not see Anna Mae tied up.

What seems to be clear is that Ernesto´s act of assisting Theda with transportation money that he and Corky Gonzaelaz were with out a doubt a part of the meeting and had agreed with its conclusion. What seems to have occured is that the FBI affidavt of informants "A" and "B" was the document used to determine Anna Mae´s guilt.

What about it Ernesto, is this information true?
Like Joseba felix I am Not a coward,
Bob Robideau

At 5:35 PM, Anonymous rezer said...

from ZNet Chiapas Watch: 'Foreign Interference' in Chiapas

By Bruce Mitchell, February 13, 2000

Fondo Chiapas, a consortium of investors and government agencies is promoting the investment of foreign capital to develop and exploit Chiapas' wealth and "abundance of manual labor". That there is an "abundance" of manual labor in Chiapas is attested by the fact that even young children are part of the labor force and can find dangerous work in amber mines. Although most North Americans - ignorant as our media and callousness can make us - have noticed Chiapas only recently, if at all, the ruling classes have been looking at that Mexican state and its incredible natural wealth for some time. Not only is it Mexico's second richest state in terms of natural resources - with seven hydroelectric dams generating 44% of Mexico's hydroelectric power (8.5% of the nation's total electric power), and with PEMEX oil fields providing 21% of Mexico's oil production - it has also been, because of the helplessnes of poverty and American ignorance, one of those most vulnerable to capitalist predation.


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