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Monday, March 07, 2005

Students say Prof ranted against Mexicans

The following article was sent by one of our readers from Pueblo.

Students say prof at CSU-Pueblo ranted against illegal immigrants

School officials are investigating alleged remarks by forensic anthropology professor Dan Forsyth.


Colorado State University-Pueblo officials are investigating a complaint from a freshman Hispanic woman who said professor Dan Forsyth required his forensic anthropology students Thursday to sit through a 15-minute tirade against illegal immigrants and Mexicans.

The woman filed a letter of complaint with the university's affirmative action office Friday and Provost Barbara Montgomery's office has begun an investigation.

The student, Victoria Watson, 20, said Forsyth's angry lecture caused her to get up and leave the classroom. She claims he then made an abusive remark to her as she walked out of the room.

Another student in the class independently confirmed Watson's account of Forsyth's lengthy, emotional remarks about his dislike for illegal immigrants, but could not confirm any comment made to Watson as she left the room. full article


At 9:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's too bad that college students are continuoulsy forced to listen to the nonsenical rantings of thier professors. While I disagree with what this professor said, I think that he should face no punitive action. Afterall was it not just recently that Ward Churchill came out praising the 9/11 terrorists and calling thier victims little Eichmanns? This anthrpolgists comments against illegal aliens and Hispanics were harsh but not once did he encourage their murder. If Churchill can stay, so should this Anthropologist.

At 4:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

there is more pure mexican indians then us indians, they still speak there native languaje, there is about i million maya indians in the us. they talk indian spanish. and english.in mexico many of my people talk native . you can t say, there not native american. so is ok to be a black indian, or a white indian, but mexican are not, why. stephen mizton

At 1:18 PM, Blogger Ditto said...

Humanely deport them one at a time. It is true illegal aliens pay social security taxes of 7 Billion dollars a year. While we as Americans pay 50 Billion Dollars a year in Services Costs for illegal aliens. The Washington Post reported, that if amnesty were given, the services cost would triple. The federal government already spends about $10 Billion a year on Social Programs alone like welfare for illegal aliens. If they were legalized, the Center for Immigration Studies estimates the Social cost of amnesty could jump to $30 Billion a year for social programs. The minute illegal aliens get a green card they are eligible for social services. This is Extremely Unfair to America.
One third of all prisoner in our jails and prisons are illegal aliens which cost American tax payers 3.3 Million Dollars a Day. The Federal government spends 51 Million dollars a year on air fare deporting illegal alien at $600.00 a head, just to have them return. In 2002 the cost to arrest and process an illegal alien was $ 1,700. Last year 3,900 illegal alien child molesters were deported. The costs of gangs and drug violence are devastating, there are 50 illegal aliens on death row.

70% of all illegal aliens in America have less than a 6th grade education. 50% of all Mexican immigrants and anchor babies will drop out of high schools each year in the United States. One out of every ten babies born in America have an immigrant mother and is likely on social services.

To claim something by and illegal act, is illegal. These people do not want to be Americans, they want to reclaim the land for Mexico, that they claim Americans stole from them. The politicians that are of Mexican decent want open boarders and legalization for all of Mexico. What will happen when Mexicans get 51% of the vote? Americans will lose control of their own country.

Illegal aliens from special interest countries apprehended in 2005 were: Algeria 11, Egypt 17, Iran 25, Iraq 31, Jordon 27, Pakistan 101, Philippines 85, Syria 13, Thailand 29, Yemen 7. In March 2006 in Seattle, Wa., 21 Chinese smuggled themselves in ship cargo container for 2 weeks. When they arrived at port they simply let themselves out and were apprehended. One half million illegal aliens have been ordered to leave the United States, they don’t leave they just disappear in society.

Our boarders are in Chaos, we must insist that immigrants follow the law and immigrate legally. Our elected officials must be reminded, too, that we all took an oath to protect and uphold the Constitution and the law of the land. To do less would be a violation of that oath.

We must Demand that illegal aliens will have to use legal channels to enter the country. Americans in no way should reward illegal aliens for illegal behavior. The bill that is before the Senate as of April 2006 offered a cleverly disguised Amnesty for illegal aliens. This bill has not passed. Let’s make sure the new bill includes, NO AMNESTY IN ANY FORM FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS A FENCE ALONG OUR SOUTHERN BOARDER AND MORE SECURITY AT OUR BOARDERS AND PORTS AND AMERICA MUST STRINGENTLY ENFORCE THE IMMIGRATION LAWS. We are all under deception that cheap labor is healthy for America when in reality we are endanger of collapsing our infrastructure. Your help is Desperately needed Right Now to save America, Please Write or Email your Congressman and Senators today :



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