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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Mike Littwin-Sing along: Our mayor, he wrote us a letter

Today's edition of the Rocky Mountain News carries a column by Mike Littwin.

Dear Mr. Mayor,

I am writing you a letter about your letter about the Columbus Day parade

Your letter, as you know, has become quite controversial and not only for your use of the word "proactively" in the opening sentence.

Some advice.

Never put anything on paper or in e-mail (the cyber equivalent of Latex) that can be held against you.

And never use any form of "proactive" in print. Ask your wife. She's the writer in the family.

Your letter was, of course, well- meaning, in that why-can't-we-all-get- along, uniter-not-a-divider, doesn't- anyone-remember-hootenannies kind of way.

Unfortunately, it went over like the Shawn Chacon trade.

One side found it "insulting" and the other side "paternalistic."

You sent your letter to two leaders of the opposing sides - and even that got everyone angry. Glenn Morris, one of the addressees and a member of the American Indian Movement, said you treated the matter like a "spat between two petulant sons" while playing the role of Ward Cleaver.
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