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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Celeste in the TJ Journal

The following excerpt was taken from the October 2005 edition of the Thomas Jefferson Journal. CO AIM member, Celeste Spink, was interviewed and shared her experiences on organizing against the Convoy of Conquest as well as other actions she is working on.

Colorado American Indian Movement Takes a Stand
Many American Indians are on a quest to educate the public
By Erin Coleman

The American Indian Movement (AIM) was founded with the purpose of achieving Indian Sovereignty and raising questions in the minds of Indians and non-Indians alike. AIM has thousand of members nationwide. Typical events sponsored by the organization include protests, speeches, and general gatherings of people of Native American heritage......

“I am a member of the American Indian Movement which includes a myriad of responsibilities ranging from protesting to networking and public speaking. My mother had always been active in pertinent community issues, especially Native American issues as we are of the Dine’ (Navajo) and Hopi tribes,” said TJ senior Celeste Spink.

Among the American Indian Movement’s recent events are the annual protest of the Columbus Day Parade and “Rock Out Columbus Day,” a function aimed at raising awareness, regarding the Native American cause, featuring live music as well as speeches by community activists. “Colorado AIM has protested the parade since 1989, every year raising more awareness toward the issue. In 2000 (1992) the parade was cancelled due to our efforts, and last year it was delayed for more than two hours because of our human barricade, in which 239 people were arrested. The charges were dropped by the jury that found our cause inspiring. This year we took a new approach and demonstrated genocide for the parade-goers in the street. Our goal was fulfilled as the paraders proceeded to celebrate across our bloody remnants of genocide with the apathy we are constantly encountering,” Spink explained.....

In addition to the controversy over Columbus Day, AIM is active in supporting and influencing many issues concerning Native American rights and liberation. “AIM is passionate about many issues including the desecration of sacred land of the Dine’ and Hopi for the building of a ski resort. To help save the San Francisco Peaks, there is more information at www.savethepeaks.org.

Full interview can be found Here


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