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Friday, December 16, 2005

Evo Morales to lead Bolivia!

Evo Morales Favored to Win Sunday’s Elections in Bolivia

La Paz, Dec 15. - Indigenous leader Evo Morales is favored to win Sunday’s presidential elections in Bolivia, despite rumors of possible fraud and military involvement clouding this year’s elections.

According to the latest poll, Morales has 34.2 percent support, five points above his nearest opponent, former president Jorge Quiroga (29.2 percent), reports Prensa Latina news agency.

Today, in Indian Country Today, John Mohawk writes:
Evo Morales is an indigenous man, a member of Bolivia's national Congress and a candidate for president in the national elections scheduled for Dec. 18. He is the rarest of all politicians because not only is he an individual of indigenous descent, he actually represents indigenous constituencies in Bolivia. One might say he is an Indian's Indian. If he wins, he will become the first American Indian to be head of state in modern times.

Morales' political career and his candidacy for the country's highest office are deeply troubling to the United States and the Bush administration. An ally of Cuba's Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Morales heads a political organization called the Movement Toward Socialism.

The United States has long opposed Castro because of the reforms that followed the Cuban revolution, reforms that included the expulsion of the American-based Mafia from what was then Cuba's lucrative gambling trade and policies that produced a range of what amounted to seizures of American corporate properties on the island.
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At 7:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Viva Morales!

Viva Chavez!

A happy day for us!

Max Macias


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