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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Diane Carman column about CU

This article appeared in today's edition of the Denver Post.

Churchill brouhaha echoes previous dissent at CU

By Diane Carman
Denver Post Columnist

"Let your light shine forth."

- The University of Colorado motto engraved on the medal of honor awarded to Morris Judd on Nov. 7, 2002.

Ward Churchill is under siege.

The CU ethnic-studies professor has admitted writing an inflammatory essay three years ago about terrorism, U.S. foreign and economic policy, and chickens coming home to roost.

So the CU regents have scheduled a meeting today to discuss what to do with the unapologetic tenured professor with the radical viewpoint.

Before they convene, though, they might take a moment to review what was said two years ago about courage, intellectual freedom and the cherished tradition of dissent at CU.

After all, Churchill isn't the first faculty member to insult the fragile political sensibilities of the time. full article


At 8:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe Ward should resign before he gets fired. Just wondering.

I saw the National AIM has called you a fraud, any comment about that?

At 10:08 AM, Blogger joseph geshick sr,1970's AIM member said...

I believe Ward is part Indian as he claims. Like a lot of people his parents never enrolled him when it was unpopular to be an Indian, and people who could "pass" did. I believe Vernon Bellecourt of the "national office of AIM," a ficticious office that doesn't speak for most past AIM members, created Ward's ancestry problem when he couldn't control Ward. Vernon himself probably has less Indian blood than Ward.
As for his theories, How else did current America come into possesion of a formally Native populated continent?
Joseph G. Geshick Sr. full-blood Ojibwe 70 years old, 1970's AIM member, and 1980's Minneapolis AIM Patrol member.

At 4:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ouch! Home run! Next!

At 5:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

More a dodgy foul ball than a home run.

It's pretty clear from the evidence that Ward Churchill isn't an American Indian - although it seems his tenure was fast tracked partly because of this deliberate lie. It's also pretty clear that Ward Churchill isn't a scholar, of the history of aboriginal Americans or anything else - his claim to fame appears to rest solely on his dedication of Left fascism and the advocacy of anti-US violence:


In the context of a deanship in the American Indian Department of CU, this isn't a "viewpoint" - it's fraud.

For Ward Churchill to preach the death of Americans on the basis of the Indian wars is akin to the British engaging in a mass slaughter of Frenchmen on the basis of the Norman conquest. I suspect his lies regarding aboriginal American history, his lack of scruples or legitimate scholarship, and his apparent dedication to the destruction of the US on the basis of Leftist claims (such as in regards the reign of the Leftist, Ba'athist Saddam Hussein) speaks to some other impetus behind his advocacy.

He should have been fired long ago. I would not expect a university in Tel Aviv to retain a self-proclaimed Nazi; one ought not to expect the citizens of Colorado to pay for the upkeep of a man who wants them murdered. He should be dismissed.


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