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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Some more photos from the convoy of conquest protest

These photos are posted in the order they occurred on Saturday. They capture the events from the rally to the point right before the arrests began. Underneath each photo is a brief description.

This is the notorious "columbus-savage" poster the AP article described

Tony and Timber

Serena holding the pipe while the drum group, lead by Duane Martin, sings

Vic Camp, of Owe Aku, speaks of their efforts in opposing the re-enactment of the Lewis and Clark invasion.

Richard Castaldo speaks while AIM security(in the black) begins to assemble to lead the march to the convoy of conquest route

The group leaves the capitol and walks to towards the route

United Native America carries a banner that reads "Christopher Columbus-America's first terrorist"

This is about the halfway point along the walk to the convoy route

this was taken a couple of blocks away from the route

a couple of blocks away

walking through the barricades into the street

assembling in the streets

forming the line across the street


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