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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Photos from the Convoy of Conquest Blockade

These photos are courtesy of Jolynne Woodcock.

These are the allies that were arrested in the first wave. TCD is an alliance that is comprised of organizations and individuals from all nations. The indigenous people lead the way into the street and stood in front until the arrests began. At that point, our allies stepped forward and were the first to be arrested.

This is a photo taken when we first entered the street. From left to right: Carrie Dann, Cheyenne, Troylynn, Tink and Yankee. Cheyenne, the young girl in the white shawl, was arrested along with everyone else.

Carrie Dann, Michelle and the reverend

Dave Sr. and his sone, Dave Jr. before they were arrested.

Dave Sr., Serena, and Jennifer. Serena, the young girl in the yellow jacket, was also arrested.

Some meatheads celebrating their culture by flipping off the demonstrators.

Glenn Morris and other AIM members standing in the street.

Russell Means, Richard Castaldo(Columbine surivor), Ward, Sabin and Tony, standing in the street.

This is a photo of the guys that lead the Convoy of Conquest. The convoy didn't have any floats and consisted of bikers, stretch limios, humvees, semi-trucks, a cement mixer, a petroleum tanker and a flat bed truck carrying a tractor and other farm equipment.

Here are 2 women, in the convoy, acting brave behind a line of cops.

Troylynn, Cheyenne, Tink and Yankee

Yankee, Tink and Glenn upon first entering the street and blocking the convoy.

Colorado AIM elder, Yankee Bad Hand, leading the group into the street.


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