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Monday, October 11, 2004

Convoy of Conquest Protest makes the headlines on ISN Security Watch.

This is how the ISN describes their news watch section, which is located on the front page of their website.

"The ISN's news services offer security related news stories, reference and background information, and analyses every weekday. These resources are also collected in subject-specific dossiers." ISN WEBSITE

Going to their homepage, one finds, at the top of the page, a section entitled "Security Watch" with a subsection labelled "Top Stories"

Under "Top "Stories," there are a list of 8 headlines. Here are a few of the headlines.
"Wave of violence continues in Pakistan"
"Explosion in Abkhazia fuels election confusion"
"Bosnian Serb war criminal 'surrenders' to Hague"
*Iraq rebels, US forces reach deal on Sadr City"

And coming in at Number 6 is this headline
"Native Americans protest Columbus Day"

Pretty interesting, eh?


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