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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Six Nations Warriors Request Support for Winter

TORONTO (CP) - Aboriginal protesters occupying a former housing development site in Caledonia, Ont., are asking for donations to help them make it through the winter.

The Six Nations protesters, who have occupied the land since February, are calling for building supplies to help them finish constructing the 11 houses on the disputed territory.

Janie Jameson, spokeswoman for the protesters, says no one wants to see the half-built houses "rot away" when they could be used for shelter during the winter.

She says protesters also need non-perishable food and warm clothing to help them maintain their occupation, which she says will only end when the land is returned to the Six Nations people.

But Jason Clark, of the Caledonia Citizens Alliance, says residents are at their "wit's end" and can't contemplate the occupation - which has been marred by barricades and violent clashes - lasting into the winter.

He says it's time both levels of government stepped in to end the occupation.

For more information, contact: www.reclamationinfo.com


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