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Friday, May 12, 2006

Six Nation profiles

There are hundreds of people who are helping to resist further erosion of the Six Nation traditional territory. Some have been at the camp for months while others come and go. The Hamilton Spectator profiles 4 of the Six Nation Defenders. The 4 are Clyde Powless, Michael Laughing, Hazel Hill and Janie Jamieson.

Clyde Powless
""I'm looking at the long run. Maybe my grandchildren won't have to do this," he says, in his matter-of-fact style."

Michael Laughing
"I've learned I can lead people."

Hazel Hill
"We could hand out fliers every day and we'd never get any response," she said. "Canada has a history of only responding when action is taken -- peaceful action ... Canada always resorts with guns."

Janie Jamieson
She says police helicopters fly over her house but it will take more than that to scare her off."They don't know what I've endured. They'll have to come up with more than that." full article

This encampment has been sustained for 3 months. For an encampment to continue this long, community support is a necessity. These are but 4 people who are a part of a greater movement that is supported not only by their community and nation, but by native nations across turtle island.


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