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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Natives targetted by right wing media

The following article recounts some of the latest attacks against our northern relatives by the right wing media. The same situation exists here and there is a growing alliance, between native peoples, to counter these attacks.

Right-wing media targetted by Aboriginal groups, leaders

by FP Staff

From the defenders of Alberta Premier Ralph Klein's Métis wife, to national and provincial First Nations leaders, Aboriginal representatives are fighting back against right-wing elements in the media.

Two of the media heavyweights bulls-eyed for counteroffensives are Ezra Levant, publisher of the Western Standard, and David Asper, an owner of the National Post.

In February, Levant's Calgary-based magazine found itself in the middle of a racial storm for the second time in less than a month when it printed comments that Colleen Klein would be "just another Indian" after husband Ralph stopped being premier.

Muriel Stanley Venne of the Institute of Advancement of Aboriginal Women said that comment was very hurtful and since then other Aboriginal groups have joined her in criticizing publication of the remark, which the Western Standard attributed to anonymous sources. complete article


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