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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

March for sacred sites and immigrant rites

We are asking all allies to support the following march. The support suggestions are in the notice.

The week of March 25th the Northern Arizona University Chapter of M.E.Ch.A. El Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano@ de Aztlán (the Chican@ Student Movement of Aztlan) will be hosting the M.E.ch.A. National Conference bringing together nearly 1,000 students from around the country.

Every year, M.E.ch.A. marches on an issue(s) that the local chapter has been engaged with.This year we will be marching to protect the San Francisco Peaks and the human rights of immigrants.

We will be gathering at 3:00 PM, Saturday March 25th at the Aquatic Center of Northern Arizona University.  There will be places for commercial buses, vans, and other transportation to park.

If your organization would like to be sponsor e-mail: youth@savethepeaks.org

We are planning a regional mobilization to march to the City Council of Flagstaff to show them that struggling peoples stand together for dignity and respect.

This year the movement to protect the San Francisco Peaks from the desecration of Arizona Snowbowl has grown, as has the movement to protect the rights of immigrants in a climate of racist anti-immigration laws, people, and institutions.

Voices from the reservations, barrios, big cities, and border towns will be heard not in the hundreds, but in the thousands.  We will speak of a new day, of change, of respect for our Earth, of respect for the San Francisco Peaks and other sacred sites that are being desecrated, of the right to move freely from place to place without discrimination and exploitation, of balanced relations between people, of a world where many worlds can fit.

The same system that desecrates sacred sites is also the same system that denies human rights.

We are asking for Nations, institutions of faith, businesses, Chapter houses, grassroots movements, academic departments, student groups, and others to sponsor this event and help mobilize and do outreach locally in their communities.

Spread the word, organize caravans to Flagstaff, contribute financially, and post everywhere.
March for Sacred Sites!
Stop Snowbowl!
March for Immigrant Rights!
Stop Racist Immigration Laws!

From the mountains of the Southwest,
Supporters of the Peaks! Supporters of Human Rights!
Youth of the Peaks,
Save the Peaks Coalition
4th World Entertainment
Indigenous Action Media
Native Movement


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