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Monday, January 24, 2005

Judge Bowers dismisses the remainder of the loitering charges

This morning Judge Bowers dismissed the remainder of the loitering charges that had been filed against those that demonstrated against the Convoy of Conquest.
There were roughly 240 arrests and all were charged with failure to obey a lawful order and loitering. Collectively, the demonstrators faced a total of 480 charges. All 3 judges dismissed the loitering charges so that means that the city could've only hoped to secure a 50% conviction ratio at best.

Also, roughly 26 defendants have had their cases dismissed altogether or have been acquitted. That leaves a total of 214 charges that the city is trying convict on. Of that 215, it seems as if the city has realized it can't convict the juveniles so they are likely to dismiss on the 30 juvenile defendants. That leaves roughly 185 cases that the city can convict on if they win on the rest. 185 out of 480. The best the city can hope to accomplish is a 38% conviction ratio.

The city is determined to vindicate itself by starting 3 trials tomorrow. Judge Bowers reportedly gave the city prosecutor 15 minutes to consider whether or not he would pursue the disobeying a lawful order charges against 6 defendants this morning, telling him that "it's going to be difficult for you to rehabilitate a fractured cases"

Of course the city attorney chose to go forward with prosecuting the cases.


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