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Saturday, January 22, 2005

City attemtps to save face by prosecuting more demonstartors

Yesterday, the city made it clear that they are going forward with the prosecution of those that demonstrated against the Convoy of Conquest. As David Lane(attorney for the demonstrators) notes, the city is "going to turn their attention to juveniles and high school kids,"

What it comes down to is Cole Finnegan and his staff trying to save face by convicting someone, anybody, even if that means convicting an 8 year old defendant. Mayor John Hickenlooper can order Finnegan to dismiss these charges whenever he feels like it, but he is more concerned with appeasing the convoy organizers, most of whom don't even live in the city of Denver. Will either of these men be guided by their conscience or will they continue to behave like moral coards?

City to pursue parade trials
Official undeterred by legal setbacks

By Charlie Brennan, Rocky Mountain News
January 22, 2005

City officials aren't backing off plans to prosecute about 230 more people arrested at last year's Columbus Day parade, despite losing the first eight cases that went to trial.

"Our plan is to proceed," said City Attorney Cole Finegan. "We consider all the factors, but for the time being, yes, the plan is to move forward."

Jurors returned not guilty verdicts Thursday in Denver County Court for eight leaders of a protest that blocked the progress of the Oct. 9 Columbus Day parade.

All had been charged with failure to obey a police order to disperse.

During the three-day trial, defense lawyers argued that the defendants, including three prominent American Indian Movement activists, believed they had a moral duty stemming from their belief that a parade celebrating Christopher Columbus is an illegal act of ethnic intimidation because it honors a man they blame for the genocide and oppression of millions of American Indians.
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