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Thursday, October 14, 2004

ICT-Denver Columbus Day protest on international terror watch list

From today's web edtion of Indian Country Today.

Denver Columbus Day protest on international terror watch list
Posted: October 14, 2004
by: Brenda Norrell / Indian Country Today
DENVER - The Denver Columbus Day protest and an article from Indian Country Today were placed on an international terrorist watch list, just one day after American Indians and supporters blocked the Columbus Day parade.

The global terrorist ''Security Watch'' listed the Afghan vote, Iraq rebels, Pakistan violence, Bosnian Serbs and Australian politics as the top five risks for Oct. 10.

''Native Americans Protest Columbus Day,'' was number six and even beat out ''Russia, Iran close to deal on spent nuclear fuel.''
The terrorist security watch article appeared after American Indians and their supporters held a peaceful protest in downtown Denver and blocked the Columbus Day Parade on Oct. 9. Denver police arrested, charged and released 205 adults and 25 children, with no incidences of violence.

American Indians called placement of the peaceful protest on the list absurd. The Security Watch list is from International Relations and Security Network, based in Zurich, Switzerland. ISN's stated goal is to help the world understand terrorists. full article


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