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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Stop Lewis & Clark has a website

The group of natives who have raised stiff opposition to the Lewis and Clark re-enactment now have a website. We encourage everyone to check it out. www.stoplewisandclark.org

The protest at Pierre, this weekend, was also covered by the Denver Post, which portrayed the protest in a largely favorable light.

Lewis and Clark re-enactors stir Indian debate

By Jim Hughes
Denver Post Staff Writer

Fort Pierre, S.D. - It was 200 years ago that the Corps of Discovery led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark first met the Sioux, the native people of the High Plains.

One of the most significant encounters happened here, where the Bad River, known then as the Teton, meets the Missouri River, which the corps had followed upstream from St. Louis. It was tense, according to expedition journals, but fighting was averted. The party that eventually opened up the West for the expansion of a young United States of America continued on.

On Saturday, a group of Lewis and Clark re-enactors heading back up the Missouri to commemorate the bicentennial and descendants of the Teton Sioux who today call themselves Lakota returned to the scene of the historic meeting. full article


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