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Friday, September 24, 2004

"Why commemorate genocide?"- Resistors to oppose L & C, in PIerre, SD, this weekend

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Natives to protest Lewis and Clark at Pierre this weekend

Freedom Thinking Native Nations Protest the “Dawn of Genocide of
Lewis and Clark"

While a stone-faced Thomas Jefferson looks on from atop Mt. Rushmore, modern-day Lewis and Clark wannabes and a few descendants are
commemorating Jefferson's initial plan of cultural genocide, by
trekking up the Missouri River through Indian territories.

A large contingency of American Indian resistors are planning to
again confront and denounce the on-going celebrations of the Lewis and
Clark Commemorative Expedition this weekend at Ft. Pierre, SD.

An initial confrontation took place on September 18th at Chamberlain,
SD, where the Expedition had docked for weekend festivities. Rresistors
made known their stand that the re-enactors should turn their boats
around and leave Lakota country, while emphasizing the enormous
emotional impact this reenactment is having on many native people. In a
written statement released Monday, September 20th, the Expedition crew
stated that they will proceed upriver.

The group of sovereign resistors included tribal headsmen, grandmothers, students and young children with a common theme..."Why commemorate genocide?"

The group scoffed at historians statements concerning the "minimal or
negligible impact" that Lewis and Clark had on Indians. The resistors
believe that under the guidance of their commander, Thomas Jefferson,
Lewis and Clark's maiden voyage forged the gateway to the dawn of genocide for Indian nations.

While the Expedition contends that it has support from tribal
leadership along the route, the resistors believe that, just as the
original crew had done, this organization merely dangled some shiny
coins before the elected leaders to get them on board for this
money-making adventure.

The genocide of the native nations continues, the Indian spirit of many natives has been killed by the genocide of America toward indigenous people as demonstrated by the colonized thinking leading tribal organizations, governments and people to welcome and celebrate with Lewis and Clark Commemoration.

The resistors are encouraging all native peoples to decolonize their
viewpoints on this issue and join them in their pursuit to stop this

A caravan of Lakota people will arrive in Ft. Pierre, SD the weekend
of September 25-26, 2004 to again protest the "Dawn of Genocide" that
the Lewis and Clark Expedition represents to freedom-thinking native

For more information contact Alex White Plume 605-455-1142, Floyd
Hand 605-867-5762, Vic Camp 605-455-1122


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