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Monday, September 13, 2004

Glenn Morris AKA Mr. Trouble according to the Rocky Mountain News

This from the editorial board's "On Point" section in Today's(sep 13) commentary page of the Rocky Mountain News.


Glenn Morris is stirring up a hornet's nest again in advance of Denver's annual Columbus Day parade, which he condemns as racist. This time, he's calling for mass protests against the parade on Oct. 9 near Coors Field.

The irony is that the local leader of the American Indian Movement insists on invoking the First Amendment when in fact in the past he has trampled on the free speech rights of others. Six years ago, for instance, he led the disruption of a presidential town meeting on race on the Auraria campus, shouting down a number of distinguished guests.

Thankfully, the city is committed to preventing a repeat of Morris' deplorable 1992 antics, when he intimidated parade organizers into canceling the event shortly before it was scheduled to begin.

- Rocky Mountain News

This editorial appeared one day after another editorial in which the Rocky Mountain News(RMN) editorial board whined about the fact that the Cheyenne Arapaho had the audacity to push for the return of their homelands. For those that don't know, the Rocky Mountain News was responsible for creating the atmosphere, and incitement of Indian hatred that led to the massacre of Cheyenne and Arapaho families at Sand Creek. This was an act for which the Rocky Mountain News has never apologized. The Rocky did find the time to apologize for creating an atmosphere that led to the lynching of a man in downtown Denver, but such an act of conscience did not extend to the Cheyenne and Arapahoe families who were butchered at Sand Creek.

We will be putting these actions, by the Rocky Mountain News, into their proper context shortly, but first a few comments about "Mr Trouble."

Glenn Morris is not calling for massive protests on October 9, 2004. The American Indian Movement of Colorado is calling for massive protests on October 9, 2004. Glenn Morris is also not "the leader" of Colorado AIM, but rather is on the Leadership Council. As such, he takes his direction from, and issues his statements on behalf of, the entire membership of the Denver/Boulder Chapter of the American Indian Movement.

Also, a little lesson on the 1st amendment is in order for the RMN. Glenn Morris may represent the membership of the Denver/Boulder Chapter, when asked to do so, but he is not a member of Congress, which is the entity that the 1st Amendment applies to.

The "presidential town hall" referred to was actually Bill Clinton's race initiative, which was convened to examine race relations in the U.S. There were no American Indians represented at the Town Hall, held in Denver, so Colorado AIM and a myriad of Indigenous organizations arrived to make their voices heard. Rather than silencing others, Colorado AIM was giving voice to the unrepresented indigenous community. How was a dialogue about race relations to occur without the original peoples being invited? Somehow, this question never occurs to the RMN which would rather see Indigenous Peoples shoved out of mind and out of sight.

The RMN also is fond of using the word "violence" and "intimidation" when referring to Colorado AIM's protest of the Columbus Convoy of Conquest. Those threats have never come from AIM, and the RMN can't point to a single incident of violence committed by Colorado AIM during the Columbus protests. The only atmosphere of intimidation and violence created, is created by the RMN in its attempt to whip up anti-indian hysteria. If the RMN is looking for blood, then it need only to look at its own hands to find it.

And one last thing. No one in the Ndn community ever refers to Glenn Morris as "Mr. Trouble." No, we all know him as "Mr. Has a great volleyball serve."


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