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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Yet another school ceases to honor us

The latest from Vermont.
SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. -- Rice Memorial High School officials plan to retire the school's mascot, a caricature of an American Indian that has come under criticism over the years.

During the 1990s the school administration began to cut down on use of the mascot's image on uniforms and school letterhead, although the Little Indians nickname remained.

Officials say the mascot will change within the next few weeks. An announcement about the mascot switch will follow meetings with the school board and sports boosters club.

A student vote during the latest academic year yielded two alternatives: the Saints or the Green Knights. full article

Since the mascot supporters have adamantly insisted they are trying to honor us, are they going to call for congressional hearings to address the growing wave of "dishonorable actions," in the form of mascot transformation, directed at American Indians? Curiously, they don't seem to be voicing much outrage over these actions that, if we are to beleive the mascot supporters, clearly dishonor American Indians. Wait, you don't think that their lack of "concern" over our self-esteem can be attributed to the notion that their assertions of honoring us with mascots was simply a cover for their racist attitudes. Nah, the mascot supporters are probably visiting American Indian communities in droves, at this very moment, to console the people, devastated by the loss of their caricatured images.


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