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Friday, July 02, 2004

Vernon and the spade

There is an interesting email posted on another site. It was sent by Willis Kills and he relates an observation that he made during the trial of Arlo Looking Cloud. I can't vouch for the veracity of his observation, but it does raise some interesting questions if his observation is accurate. His email is posted on another site but I'll post the first couple of paragraphs.

"My Relatives:

I have known this information for months as I seen it with my own eyes and it has been on my mind since that time. Now I'm thinking I must share it with the people so the people will know and can think on it.

I was at Arlo Looking Clouds trial. I was at that federal court building there in Rapid City that first morning. It was then that I seen Vernon Bellecourt going into the FBI building across the street. This was that first morning pretty early. I went over there like I was going to that little post office in same building and I seen Bellecourt go up to the feds in the elevator. full article


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