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Monday, June 28, 2004

Is the Western Shoshone Distribution Bill "red hot" or not?

We've been reporting the developments on the "Western Shoshone Claims Distribution Bill" for the last couple of weeks as it has passed both the U.S House of Representatives and the U.S Senate. Now, all that remains for the bill to become law is the signature of George W. Bush.

In a June 21, column in Indian Country Today, Steve Newcomb reported that, according to Jennifer Farley(White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs) the bill was considered "red hot."
Meanwhile, White House spokesperson Jennifer Farley reportedly told one Western Shoshone leader that the Western Shoshone bill is "red-hot" and that President Bush will not veto the bill if and when it reaches his desk. A source that once worked for a different White House in the late 1970’s said the term "red hot" undoubtedly means that passage of the bill is a top priority for the Bush administration. Coincidentally, Bush’s top political advisor Karl Rove, and then President Bush himself have reportedly visited Reno, Nevada in the past couple of weeks.full article

We are now getting reports that a White House representative, possibly from the Press Office, has contacted Indian Country Today to demand a retraction of Jennifer Farley's comments. The White House Rep apparently is contending that no such comments were ever spoken by Farley. Newcomb and his source are standing by their story.

The White House Rep reportedly also refused to confirm or deny whether or not the assertion, that the bill was "red hot" and will get a ready signature, was true. A more detailed version of this story should be forthcoming this week.


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