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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

The BIA walks on coals-literally

A June 22, AP article, reports that 14 BIA executives attended a Tony Robbins leadership seminar last month. Among the highlights of the seminar was a midnight walk across hot coals. Another session sought to teach the participants how to lose weight, increase their energy on less sleep and reignite the passion in their physical relationships.

Said the BIA participants
(Debbie)Clark said the seminar was valuable in teaching her ``to go the extra mile'' to accomplish her goals, especially when ``you feel you don't have another ounce to give.''

``The BIA can be a negative environment because there are so many things that need to be done,'' she said. ``You go away feeling you're beating your head against the wall.''

The course, she said, taught her to stay focused -- the reason, she added, that she was able to walk on the hot coals.

(Ed) Parisian, the educator, said government officials ``tend to be fearful of stepping outside the box and making changes.'' The seminar, he said, taught him ``not to be afraid to take that step.'' full article

The costs for the seminar, hotel and travel expenses came to $28,000.

As the article points out, $28,000 could have paid the annual salary of a fifth grade teacher on a reservation. The BIA has never been known for efficient, productive use of funds set aside for Ndns,but $28,000 to walk on hot coals? The BIA could have given any third rate "plastic medicine men" 500 dollars and received the same qualatative "wisdom" that they received from Tony Robbins.

Perhaps the BIA should attend a Tom Vu seminar. You know Tom Vu. He's the Vietnamese gentleman who appears on late night informercials, sitting on his yacht, just waiting to tell people how to acquire real esate, with no money down and get rich in the process. He only charges $1000 dollars a day, he'll tell the BIA how to get our land back and he won't make them walk on hot coals.


At 1:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can hear the cross-purposes phone conversation now:

Please to imagine bright, irritatingly cheery, Tony Robbins employee:
"Good morning! Tony Robbins Associates, how may I help you unleash the power within?"
"Yes, this is the Beureau of Indian Affairs, I'm looking for a training course that may fit our requirements."
"Was that the Beureau of "Indian" affairs, Sir?"
"Yes, "Indian" affairs."
"Well, Sir, this is your lucky day, we have the exact course you're looking for."


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