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Monday, October 04, 2004

National Geographic-Reliving Lewis and Clark: Conflicts With the Sioux

The "National Geographic" website has posted an entry from Anthony Brandt, who is travelling with the Lewis and Clark re-enactors. The title of the entry is "Reliving Lewis and Clark: Conflicts with the Sioux." Brandt describes some of the parallels between the orginal Lewis & Clark scouting party and the Teton Sioux, with that of the present re-enactment and the opposition they've encountered by the descendants of those who originally met Lewis and Clark.

Reliving Lewis and Clark: Conflicts With the Sioux


He goes on to describe a warrior society: "brave active young men who take a vow never to give back [i.e., retreat] let the danger be what it may. In war they always go forward without screening themselves behind trees or anything else."

It was all friendly. When Lewis and Clark met them, the tribal chiefs would listen to speeches, give speeches of their own, accept the peace medals, promise to make peace, and in some cases agree to make the long trip to Washington, D.C. to meet the "great white father," Thomas Jefferson.

Then suddenly it was not friendly. The Teton Sioux had every intention of doing to Lewis and Clark what Alex White Plume intended to do to the reenactors—turn them around and send them home. full article


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