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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Steven Shelton reflects on American Genocide

Media Monitors has an article written by Steven Malik Shelton entitled American Genocide. The article begins with this passage
"Modern, state sponsored genocide is, perhaps, the least obvious because it is always shrouded in patriotic covers and obscured with nationalistic platitudes and slogans. The mass media of nations that systematically erode the humanity of others, is usually engaged to simplify the process and to reduce the targeted people into objects."

Shelton writes that the origins of the American Genocide began with Christopher columbus. He details Columbus's crimes in Hispainola and examines some of the policies utilized by successive settlers, such as
biological warfare, starvation, forced marches, etc.

Shelton also examines the genocidal policies of the enslavement of the African Peoples and how Nazi Germany used the American examples as the foundation for their own genocidal policies.

Check out the whole article full article


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