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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

FBI continues to scour for "terrorists"-now searching Ft Collins CO

When we last left the FBI they were going door to door, in Lawerence Kansas, searching for anarchists. The Lawrence anarchist had caught the attention of the FBI, in their search for "terrorist," by protesting the war on Iraq, protesting a $500 plate dinner at the Dole Institute dedication and protesting the length of a prison sentence given to a guy for burning SUVs in Oregon.

The previous day, hot on the trail of Osama bin laden, 6 agents had paid a visit to a 21 year old intern with the American Friends Service Committe. From there, they donned bullet proof vest and went to another residence where they arrested 2 young men for traffic violation warrants. One of gung-ho agents even put on full SWAT riot gear to make the arrest. One can imagine the guy, glaring into a mirror, smearing his face with black paint, before he goes to serve a warant on someone for driving without a valid license.

The FBI trail seemed to have grown cold when they couldn't locate the anarchist headquarters in Lawrence Kansas, but now it appears they have picked up a scent in that bastion of "terrorist sympathizers"...Ft Collins, Colorado.
The FBI questioned a Fort Collins resident about potential plots to disrupt the nation's political conventions, a day after some Denver residents were quizzed.

The 45-year-old software engineer(Paul Blame) in Fort Collins said he was questioned Friday by the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Said Paul Blame, about his organization, Pagan Cluster""We're a bunch of middle-aged weird people."
The Pagan Cluster, among other things, objects to economic globalization - the merging of world economies as in the North American Free Trade Agreement. Opponents think globalization jeopardizes the environment and workers' rights.

Bame isn't attending the Democratic National Convention under way in Boston, but he plans to attend the Republican National Convention in New York in August. He may protest there or support demonstrators, he said.

"I'm sure if we were to ask the FBI why they're doing this, they would say we have to be real careful about terrorism," Bame said. "The practical effect of this is scaring the crap out of people, which is going to end up scaring people from using their First Amendment rights," he said. full article

Don't be suprised if the "terrorist trail" leads to homeless rights advocates in San Franciso, California.


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