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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Now is the time for protest-Bear Butte

One of the key organizers in the struggle to protect Bear Butte, Deb White Plume, wrote the following guest column, which was posted on the Native Times.
This column is regarding a decision by commissioners in South Dakota’s Meade County to approve the alcohol application of Jay Allen, who proposes to build a large bar, asphalt parking lot and amphitheater near Bear Butte.....

Many of us attending the April hearing urged the commissioners to take courage and vote for the environment, creation, and the coming generations. We urged them to stand against the powerful raging money machine that often drives small towns into making disastrous, regrettable decisions. As elected officials, the commissioners must be aware that the decision to allow Allen the one tool he needs to make a profit from his endeavor will result in great suffering for the people who need and cherish Bear Butte, as well as environmentalists who respect Bear Butte for the special place that it is.

Aren’t the 60 bars already in the area enough?

Lakota people could have celebrated a decision to protect and preserve the sacred mountain. That was not to be, and the commissioners approved Allen’s alcohol-license application. The power was there for the commission to enact an honorable decision, yet without any discussion, the vote was unanimous to approve

Our work is not done; we will continue to resist the desecration of Bear Butte. We will continue to make a stand for our right to pray for our sacred mountain when we camp there with other tribes and our supporters beginning on the Fourth of July. Native Times column
There are now several support groups that will be travelling to the Bear Butte camp. To join one of the support groups or to start one, visit the following sites.
Protect Bear Butte
Defend Bear Butte
Bear Butte International Alliance
Owe Aku


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