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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Jack Random asks-What would Crazy Horse do?

In this entry, Jack Random examines some of the misconceptions in the immigration debate
We are not a nation of justice – justice least of all. If we were a nation of justice, we would honor our debts. We would make just reparations to natives and African Americans who were compelled to migrate as slaves. What the nation owes to the Lakota1 and Cherokee2 alone amounts to more than what we will ultimately spend to destroy the nations of Afghanistan and Iraq – more even than our national debt, a debt that is deeper than the skies over Bear Butte are wide.

We are not a nation of justice. We are a nation of exploitation. We have conspired with corporate governments throughout the hemisphere to exploit labor and extract resources. We have created a free trade zone without factoring wages into the equation. Though it seems complex, it is not that difficult to understand. It follows the fundamental laws of supply, demand and profit taking. Corporations will seek all means of maximizing profits, including cutting the cost of production. Jobs will move to where the costs are least. Labor will move to where jobs pay living wages. Wherever possible, good paying jobs will be replaced by low paying jobs and no wall or barrier will prevent these laws from being carried out. In the corporate mind, it is a cold calculation: cost versus benefit.essay link


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