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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bear Butte update

Here are a couple of paragraphs taken from an update email from the Bear Butte International Alliance.
Today Attorneys Bruce Ellison of Rapid City, as well as James G. Abourezk of Abourezk Law Offices, P.C. and Thomas Van Norman, Sr Tribal Attorney Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Legal Dept. representing Meade county resident plaintiffs filed a Writ of Mandamus at the Meade County Court House. This is a legal appeal asking a Judge to
compel the commissioners to allow the historical first referendum petition that was filed on May 2, 2006 go to a vote. Meade County Commissioners on May 4 unanimously determined that the question/petition of Jay Allens Sturgis County Line malt liquor
license was an administrative action therefore not eligible for the ballot.
You can sign up for updates by visiting there site at BBIA


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