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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Adam Fortunate Eagle will not be celebrating columbus day

In today's edition of the "Lahontan Valley News," editor Steve Lyons writes that Adam Fortunate Eagle will not be celebrating columbus day and gives some of the reasons for that. Adam Fortunate Eagle was one of the organizers for the occupation of Alcatraz Island. Instead of celebrating, Fortunate Eagle will be showing the movie ""Monumental Myths" on the Fallon reservation, which will be followed by a press conference. Here are the first couple of paragraphs from the column.

Adam Nordwall will not be celebrating Columbus Day

Steve F. Lyon
October 5, 2004

Columbus Day doesn't really excite me much as far as holidays go.

I'm not exactly sure what we are celebrating every October. The fifth grade textbooks I remember refer to the date as when Columbus discovered

America in 1492, so I guess I'm happy not to be stuck in the Old World.

But really, if a revisionist context can be applied to Columbus' voyage, wasn't it about the old pillage and plunder routine? Spain was broke and sends Columbus out to do a little strongarm robbery of the locals wherever he lands, kind of like a gang of scurvy-ridden gang bangers on the high seas. full article

At the end of the column, there is this curious editor's note.
Editor's note: This column orignally contained a reference to the Hells Angels in paragraph two. I deleted the reference after the president of the Hells Angels contacted me via e-mail and said that was a pejorative statement to which he took great offense. Other than that, the column is intact.

This is a curious add on in that the subject is the Hell's Angels. How did the Hell's Angels make it into a column about christopher columbus? We can't be certain, but if we are to speculate, we could surmise that it could have something to do with the fact that the Hell's Angels are prominent participants in the "Convoy of Conquest"(aka the columbus day parade) that is held in Denver.


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